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Welcome! The main purpose of WingCollector.com is to be a reference source for commercial and military "Pilot Wings of the World." Visit the database for information and photos of Commercial, Military, Miscellaneous, Unknown and For Sale Pilot Wings. Your contributions, advice and suggestions are welcomed. Also, browse through other sections of the site that are devoted to my flying experiences and personal interest.

Around the world for almost 100 years, individuals who have demonstrated the ability to master the skills of flight and completed a formal pilot training program have been awarded a badge commonly known as the pilot wing. Our "Wings" are a symbol of a fraternity of aviators that extends beyond nationality, culture, race and language to a common bond as old as mankind: The dream to fly.

WingCollector.com is a source of information for pilots, collectors and the general public. The database encompasses both my collection and information gathered spanning over 15 years of collecting. Ultimately, my collection will be donated and displayed in an aviation museum as a tribute to the airmen and airwomen who have proudly worn the wings of flight.

I welcome an opportunity to trade and purchase your wings. I extend my gratitude to the friends and crewmembers that have donated or traded wings, photos and information to improve my collection. I look forward to your contributions and information to make this the best reference source on the Internet.

Finally, view links to fellow collectors and organizations plus my other areas of interest such as flying, photography, sports, travel, and my thoughts. Drop me an email about your wings or information to improve the database at pilot@wingcollector.com

Thank you,

Jaime Rojo
UPS Boeing 757 and 767 Captain - Miami
Capt, USAF, Pilot (USAF & NATO AWACS E-3A/B/C)


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